The Barrington Story

A History of Craftsmanship – Barrington entered the marketplace twenty years ago with one primary goal: Provide high quality writing instruments and exquisite leather goods by developing a world-class workforce. To do so, founders, David Gowdey and James Sheehan made a commitment to offer their employees valuable opportunities, to improve the communities in which Barrington operates, and to develop mutually beneficial, longlasting relationships.

Today, many of Barrington’s fine gifts are produced at the company’s factory in Xiamen, China, where workers receive wages above the national average along with educational and health benefits. We believe work should be more than just a place to earn a living. Workers are encouraged to develop friend­ships with one another, provide support in times of personal crisis, and enjoy the company of one another’s families. The philosophy of offering above market compensation, coupled with a culture of caring, fosters a pas­sion for excellence within our workforce. Our people care about what they make: it’s that simple.

In 2015 George Kotras brought Barrington Gifts to South Africa because he was in awe of the unmatched quality and excellent workmanship of every Barrington gift. He realised the need for such bespoke high-end gifts in the African market. It is his vision to carry the Barrington business ethic of caring forward in his dealings in South Africa and the rest of Africa. The pride our employees take in what they do is on display every day all over the world when individuals open a Barrington gift. In the following pages, we will introduce our superb line of products.

Social Responsibility in a Global Economy

We take a great pride in the quality of our products and the value that we provide to our customers. Every Barrington product provides you with the highest quality available at a reasonable price. We, however, have made a conscious decision not to be the cheapest competitor in the market as doing so is only possible at the expense of people. At Barrington, people are our first priority.